Clint Elliott

Branch Manager- Mortgage Do-Gooder, He/Him
NMLS# 239388

Mortgage slingin’, wife lovin’, kid wranglin’ son of a gun. Believer in the law of attraction, pursuer of self-improvement, and dreamer of mixing good business with good deeds. Loves Portland, fantastic causes, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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Pat Lindgren

Branch Manager- Do-Gooder
NMLS# 638631

Process managin’, pragmatic thinkin’, legacy buildin’ family man. Seeker of understanding, ideas, and solutions; challenger of the status quo, and believer in daily improvement. Prioritizes health, reflects regularly, and loves unconditionally.

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Andrea Hamblen

Client Services Manager

Loan processin’, family cherishin’, outdoors enjoyin’ PNW native. Passionate community financial health educator and avid learner of all things banking. Loves watching her two boys play baseball, camping, boating, hiking, and hanging with friends.

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Carolina Burdine

Do Good Processing Manager

Loan processin’, life lovin’ mom of two amazing girls. Bilingual speaker of English and Spanish, seeker of knowledge, and builder of a deep, diverse background in mortgage lending. Loves cheering on her daughters in sports, ballroom salsa dancing, and outdoorsy pursuits like hiking and kayaking.

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