February 2021 Donation Partner: Janus Youth Programs

February donation partner: Janus Youth Programs

Every month, Do Good mortgage makes donations to local non-profits when our clients’ transactions close or we receive a referral from our community of Do-Gooders. For those who don’t have a favorite local nonprofit, we give on their behalf to our donation partner of the month.

Janus Youth Programs believes in second chances. The organization works with at-risk youth with few resources and no where to turn for help, and operates forty-plus programs throughout Oregon and Washington. Here are some highlights of what the organization does:

  • Serves 6,000 children, youth and families each year
  • Provides more than 43,000 meals per year to homeless youth
  • Serves over 1,000 youth and families each year through crisis programs
  • Assists more than 385 youth in crisis every year at the Oak Bridge Shelter
  • provides more than 130 teen families with safe housing on any given night through Insights
  • helps more than 400 families grow food to feed their families in Janus’ community gardens
  • awards scholarships for success (54 in total since 2001)

Here’s how you can help Janus Youth programs change the lives and build futures for thousands of local children, youth and families:

Learn more about Janus Youth Programs by visiting their website.

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