October 2020 Donation Parter: The 4th Dimension

Every month, Do Good mortgage makes donations to local non-profits when our clients’ transactions close or we receive a referral from our community of Do-Gooders. For those who don’t have a favorite local nonprofit, we give on their behalf to our donation partner of the month.


What work does The 4th Dimension do, who does it work with, and why?

4D hires people in recovery to help other people get into recovery. It is that simple. Addiction kills hundreds of thousands of people every year in America. That is why we do what we do. We do it to save lives.

Our recovery mentors are experts in helping young people get sober. In the last year, we have provided recovery mentor services to over 245 young adults. In addition to recovery mentor services, 4D provides drop-in centers for young people to socialize with other young people. When we are not in a pandemic, hundreds of people attend daily.

The best thing about our services is that they are 100% free all of the time.

Can you share your favorite success story and why it’s meaningful to you?

Every story is special to us. But, one really cool thing is that many of our staff are former clients.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned while working at The 4th Dimension?

The most surprising thing I have learned is that people need encouragement and opportunity. When you do that, you will be amazed at the things they accomplish.

What inspires you to do good?

I am inspired every time I hear young people tell me how 4D has helped them overcome their lives.

How do you take care of yourself so you’re able to take care of others?

After eight years in recovery, I still go to recovery meetings. I also work out a lot.

Suppose someone is interested in volunteering or making a donation. Can you describe how they can make an impact with their time or money?

Right now, volunteering is not an option due to coronavirus. If people want to help, they can go to our website and donate. Big or small, every bit helps.

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